Green Fountains Garden

About the project
Middle in size garden located in Lviv. Due to the fact that the terrain of the lot had significant variations, we have designed a system of terracing and slopes along the terrain for comfortable moving around and efficient use of the area.
The entrance part of the garden has several zones. Grass array of pennisetum takes on its impressive appearance from the second half of summer and pleases the eye with its lushness till winter.
Grass theme can be traced in various parts of the garden which unifies the garden into a single style.

The private zone behind the house has been also altered in terms of terrain. Terraced terrain makes it possible to use the lawn for outside activities. A curtain of trees and shrubs on the verge of the garden keeps this corner hidden from prying eyes.
So, there are no swarms of mosquitoes; the water doesn't stale so there is no bad smell peculiar to artificial ponds. All these characteristics give the opportunity to enjoy evenings in the open.
The waterfall which falls into the marble pebble pool deserves special attention. Thanks to modern technologies, the water seeps through a special filtration system without creating a zone of excessive dampness.
What else is needed for coziness?