Maintenance services for the garden and homestead area

Garden maintenance

While creating a project on greening a lot, one should keep in mind that the plants need regular and proper care.

They need light, warmth, air, humidity, nutrients, protection from cold and wind.

There is a great deal of regular works: nourishing, protection from pest and diseases, aeration, watering, thinning, sanitation and formative pruning, weed control, covering of plants before winter.
We offer professional care for the garden and backyard. We perform work of any complexity within the 4 categories:

  1. Systematic maintenance. Watering plants, applying fertilizers, adjusting the shape of ornamental plants, planting perennials, and more.
  2. Seasonal preparation. Pruning trees, cleaning the garden from wilted annuals, fallen leaves, etc.
  3. Prevention services. Pruning and treatment of plants with antibacterial, antifungal agents, applying fertilizers, oxygen saturation, weeding, etc.
  4. Design work. Works within the developed or edited project: planting/plants transplantation , adjustment of landscaping, LFA elements on the site, etc.
By contacting us, you will not need to perform mentioned procedures for the maintenance of the territory.

Garden maintenance services

WIthin mentioned services, our company offers the following:

  1. Seasonal (one-off) work by our experts to complete a certain task: pruning shrubs and trees in the spring, forming ornamental plants crowns , mowing the lawn, applying fertilizers, and more.
  2. Development of a plan, a list of recommendations for the territory. Development of measures based on the needs of the territory and its design. You will receive a ready-made guide to self-effective garden care.
  3. Weekly regular maintenance on the subscription fee. Performing all the necessary works according to timelines.
The third option is more effective and profitable than the first. After all,it means systematic visits to the site of experts who will perform all the necessary seasonal work.

Even if you choose a different format, the work will be carried out within the framework of pre-prepared technologies and methods. You can also order the services of specialists for urgent unplanned activities:

  • pest control;
  • treatment of plants from diseases;
  • early autumn area cleaning etc.
If you dream about beautiful plants and landscaping solutions near the house but do not like (do not want, do not know how) to care for the yard, then contact our company. Our team will professionally take care of any area. What exactly we do:

  1. Mowing, restoration of lawn grass, flower arrangements.
  2. Mulching, fertilizing, soil aeration, watering plants.
  3. Reservoir maintenance: cleaning and replacement of filters, repair work, removal of flowering (and prevention of it, transplantation of aquatic plants.
  4. Care of garden plants: watering, preparation of perennials for winter, pest control, weeding.
  5. Creating hedges.
  6. Other site and garden maintenance work.

Plant care services

Plants (fruiting and ornamental) should be considered as the united living, constantly changing, and evolving organisms. And they need careful monitoring. As part of plants care services, we offer:

  • treatment, rejuvenation of trees;
  • trees preparation for winter;
  • pest control;
  • transplantation, vaccination;
  • fertilizer application;
  • the whitewashing of trunks;
  • weeding;
  • pruning, crown formation of plants of different varieties;
  • soil aeration, loosening of receiver circles;
  • prevention of diseases and pests;
  • protection of plants from frost, wind, and sunburn;
  • recommendations for proper care of vegetation in the area.

The cost of garden maintenance

Prices for the gardener services depend on many factors, including:

  • area size;
  • type of maintenance work(prevention, systematic, comprehensive);
  • amount of plants, their species etc.
Therefore, to get an overview of the costs, we recommend contacting our manager. He would answer all your questions, as well as send the price list for standard services.