Turnkey lawn services

A proper landscape design is based on the interplay of various shapes and colors the extraordinary combinations of which force you to look at the usual scenery with a fresh eye.

In the complex and fascinating process, the first place justly belongs to selection of plants and planting.

By using the contemporary rich selection of planting stock we can create any pattern on the lot.

Shrubs, fruit trees and ornamental trees define the outline of the lot by emphasizing its terrain or, on the contrary, cover up existing shortcomings.
We offer a full range of works on landscaping. You can order the arrangement of a lawn for any territory(industrial, private, for any purpose). And from our side ,we will leverage advanced technologies and our unique developments to implement a project that you would like.

During the works on the site, we use the rolled lawn, which can save you time of prolonged cultivation of grass, which could take months. This laid lawn will be an ideal basis for the implementation of the boldest ideas of landscape design. You will get a full-fledged basis for further transformation of the territory and supplement it with plants and decor.

We offer best prices for turnkey lawns, as well as using high-quality materials and advanced solutions. In total, they give you the following benefits:

  • the ability to use cut grass as fertilizer for the country house or in the garden;
  • providing natural coolness on the territory, because the grass will not let dust to rise;
  • based on the point above, it will be much more pleasant for you to walk barefoot on cool grass than on hot cobblestones or concrete;
positive effect on the emotional state, because the green color soothes and relaxes at the subconscious level.

In addition, we offer the best prices for landscaping. Because over the years we have carefully thought through the details of the design and implementation of any customer and landscape ideas. As a result, we can quickly and without unnecessary costs implement a variety of the most diverse and bold decisions.

What lawn services do we provide

Order a lawn and get a carefully thought through, fast, and high-quality solution for the arrangement of your areas, which includes the following:

  • Design and calculations. Calculation of the project starting point which the result depends on. We think about geometry and zoning. We create sketches of the territory and its landscaping. Well thought through of platforms and paved paths.
  • Preparation of the territory. Removal of deadwood, garbage, fallen leaves, etc. Clearing the land from weeds, preparation for the arrangement of the lawn.
  • Execution of technical works. Laying of pipes, electrical wiring for lighting devices, and other communications that will be located under the lawn or around it.
  • Installation of decorative elements and architectural forms. Completion of landscaping works according to the project.
  • Lawn arrangement (landscaping). The last stage is in which lawn grasses are planted.

Upon completion, we will give valuable recommendations for lawn care for you to know exactly what, how, and when to do to make the landscaped area always look attractive. We can also take care of the site as an additional service.

My team offers the arrangement of a lawn of any modern type:

  • Moorish;
  • partner;
  • sports;
  • shade-resistant;
  • multipurpose and etc.

These names emphasize the conditions in which it is better to use specific solutions. The sports lawn, for example, can grow in the conditions of high possibility of people therefore it is possible to use it not only in the arrangement of a football field, a sports ground, etc.

The shade-resistant solution allows you to create the basis for landscaping where the area is in very poor lighting. As part of such a project, a special rolled grass is used, which is not afraid of shade and long-lasting limited lighting.

Turnkey parterre lawns are used in areas of different geometric shapes. Moorish allows you to create beautiful meadows, where there are low-growing cereals and different varieties of flowers. But the most popular are multipurpose, durable solutions that develop well in different conditions.

Advantages of the rolled lawn

There are at least 5 advantages of the rolled lawn:

  1. The rolled lawn has a high density, does not fall apart, and "keeps" a homogeneous and bright color.
  2. The solution will allow you to slightly adjust the area, regardless of its curvature.
  3. Lawn arrangements can be done starting in early spring and ending in late autumn.
  4. Thanks to the rolled lawn, where it used to be ground, today will be an extremely beautiful and well-groomed meadow.
  5. Rolled lawn creates a beautiful homogeneous surface that can be used for planting a variety of ornamental plants.

The rolled lawn with an equal emerald grass cover consisting of perennial cereals of elite lawn grasses will decorate any landscape and will become an excellent background for plantings and additional constructions.

Lawn: the cost of installation work

To find out how much it costs to arrange a lawn, contact the manager or leave your details for a consultation. You can find contact details below.

Why contact us

You have at least 4 reasons to choose our company:

  1. High-quality materials are used. In the process of arranging the lawn, we use only proven materials from the best suppliers. Lawns are grown on quality fertilizers recommended by the manufacturer. The soil is carefully prepared before sowing. Always follow the watering regime.
  2. Perfectly honed skills. All our specialists have profile education and extensive experience. We always strictly adhere to the terms of project development and delivery of materials to the site. We also strictly follow the technology and control all stages of lawn cultivation.
  3. Optimal prices for the region and the country. All work is carried out after agreeing on the costs. You get the perfect ratio of price and quality of materials and project implementation. It is worth mentioning that there are estimates with approximate prices, which are adjusted by the supplier, and which we do not influence. But sometimes we provide a price corridor.
  4. Quality guarantee for all types of landscaping. Valid under certain conditions. Discussed separately for additional costs.

If you want to order a lawn, get a detailed price, or want to get an advice, contact us at: