Design and installation of landscape lighting

A well-arranged lighting system enables to easily navigate on the garden plot in darkness and move around safely.

Thanks to decorative landscaping lights of flower beds, garden pathways, stairs and trees it is possible to create individual atmosphere of the homestead plot and prolong the time of communication with nature with pleasure.
We design and install lighting systems within landscape design for any architectural objects:

  • paved paths;
  • open parking lots;
  • sports grounds;
  • places of rest;
  • gazebos;
  • flower beds;
  • pergola;
  • bridges;
  • reservoirs;
  • fountains;
  • terraces;
  • porches;
  • stairs etc.

The company's lighting technicians would implement a good illumination, which perfectly complements any composition on the site. We handle projects of any complexity. We offer spectacular turnkey solutions that fit perfectly into the landscape design.

Landscape lighting design

The tasks and goals of lighting installation can be diverse. Our experts apply different approaches to project development and choose lighting equipment that is suitable for the particular project.

Site illumination projects are essentially unique. But there are 2 major groups of problems that are solved by lighting fixtures.

1. Functional lighting
Design and installation of lighting fixtures for porches , paths, entrances to the house, road network, etc. The solution allows:

  • comfortably use the backyard;
  • to ensure the safety of staying in the yard;
  • record movements (if necessary).

2. Decorative lighting
Emphasizes certain areas of the site. Indicates the most attractive places. Creative work that allows you to create unique landscape ensembles thanks to the game of light and shadow on:

  • reservoirs;
    architectural objects;
  • plant compositions etc.

It may seem that functional illumination does not require a creative approach. And in general such work is very simple. But this is not the case. Even with the simple installation of lamps at the front door, it is important to consider their combination with other elements and calculate the power, brightness, and other parameters.

Types of lighting

When designing lighting for architectural objects, we use the following types of lighting:

  1. Concealed lighting. It`s used to emphasize the contours of the building. Silhouette lighting gives the softest shadows.
  2. Flooding light. Emphasizes the uniqueness of the style of a particular architectural object. Complex solutions are used that provide powerful light flooding .
  3. Local light. It highlights individual objects: niches, statues, columns, arches, and more. LED luminaires, mounted on the facade of the building are usually used.
When it comes to the implementation of the lighting project of any plants, we select the composition of the illumination:

  1. Contour lighting. It is realized by means of the installation of the flexible LED tapes illuminating the contours of plants.

  2. Spot lighting. It helps to emphasize plant elements and shapes. To create the effect of an internal glow, the backlight is set at a low height.
  3. Flooding light. It is used for visual highlighting of lawns, flower beds, and alpine slides. Often during the implementation of such a project, illumination fixtures are mounted on supports of various lengths.

As part of the implementation of functional lighting could be used:

  1. Marking lighting. It indicates the direction of movement on the paths, trails, and car entrances. As part of the project, "light poles", automatic and semi-automatic "bollard" lamps, etc. are used.
  2. Simple electric lamps. It's mounted along the paths, access tracks. Installation height, the distance between devices, and power are carefully selected. This achieves a comfortable even lighting of the object.
  3. Illumination of specific areas. It is done by installation of the electric poles of different heights, which projectorі of a certain power are mounted later on .
  4. Directed light. It`s implemented by installing directional lamps. The solution allows you to achieve maximum illumination inside the building.
Of course, this is only a small part of lighting fixtures and methods of their use in landscape lighting. After all, every time we implement a unique design that is ideal for a particular area. Creating unique projects, our illumination engineers and designers always use modern energy-efficient lighting equipment.

Landscape lighting installation services

After the development of the project, we perform the installation of landscape lighting fixtures. This is an important stage which the idea is realized in. It includes the following steps:

  1. The area is marked for the power cables according to a pre-designed plan. Lamp installation spots are marked.
  2. Narrow trenches are made.
  3. Cables are laid taking into account their length to connect to the power grids and outputs for the lighting.
  4. 50% of the trench depth is covered with sand. A signal tape is placed on it. The other 50% is filled to the top with soil.
  5. The formwork for the installation of illumination is mounted, and the cable is placed above the concrete level.
  6. At the places of the switches outputs (if they are on the street) it`s designed a protection against precipitation.
  7. Installation of "automatic devices", safety locks, and other protective devices is carried out.
  8. According to the scheme, lighting fixtures are mounted.
  9. The efficiency of the landscape lighting system is checked.
During the process, we strictly adhere to the requirements of industry regulations, State Sanitary Rules and Norms, Construction Norms and Rules. Lighting technicians install the equipment with the prospect of quick payback and with minimal operating costs.

Prices for the design and installation of garden lamps

How much will be the cost of project development and installation of landscape lighting depends on many factors:

  • area size;
  • type of lighting;
  • types of devices;
  • necessary works;
  • other individual features of a particular project.
Therefore, please contact our manager. He will answer all your questions in details, as well as send you a price list for typical types of work performed by our company.