Holocaust Memorial

About the project

The aim of the project is to preserve, protect and mark the places of mass burials of Jewish people in the vicinity of Rohatyn town.

The central element of the Memorial is a hornbeam stand which symbolizes a menorah in the outlines. These trees will be visible from afar and serve as an additional landmark for Memorial location.

The core element is gravel surfacing with fine stones. Apart from a practical function, they evoke memories about those who died in this place as they are symbolically connected with the Jewish tradition to place small stones on the grave as a sign of honor and memory.

Horizontal junipers will create an image of a river embracing the burial.
At the pre-project stage, a full photo shooting of the locality was carried out to understand the peculiarities of the landscape.
We have designed a project which includes the following elements: leveling of the soil surface and excavation of shallow channels for drainage, application of the soil barrier and gravel layer, selection and plantation of trees and bushes, design and installation of small architectural forms (stones and benches), manufacture and installation of an informative sign, integration of two existing monuments of the Memorial.

In connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, the implementation of the project has been postponed for the following years.

Find more about the peculiarities and concept of the project at the link:
Landscape design 2019 of the Southern mass grave in Rohatyn town