Landscape Hygge

About the project
Terrain of this particular garden was not homogeneous. We were set a task to alter the terrain. In the centre of the lot there is a house which divides the territory into west and east parts. In the west part, a lawn area is located on the upper terrace from which one can get directly to the second floor of the building. This feature is a highlight of this landscape.
Between the upper and lower terraces, green plants are located on the slope. Old hornbeams which were preserved during construction works embellish the landscape. Below their canopy, rhododendron and mugo pine arrays are planted. The terrain made it possible to place a waterfall between the terraces and a pond at the lower terrace. A fireplace zone is located near the waterfall foot. This is one of the favorite parts of the garden as there one can contemplate living fire and surface of the pond as well as enjoy waterfall murmur.