The pier of the silence

About the project
A garden which will fascinate you from the first glance. The first thing you encounter when entering the territory is an alley of ball-shaped Liquidambar. Green plants follow you on the way to the private part of garden. A narrow passage between the house and the fence creates conditions for growing in shadow.
Columns of yew and rows of hydrangeas feel comfortable in this place. Further in the heart of the territory, there is a circle paved with clinker bricks which is covered with lawn in the centre.
It is edged with a planted lavender border. In this garden, little territory is designed for lawn.
All other areas are planted with arrays of mugo pine, azalea, dwarf weigela and several accents of magnolia bushes. Fruit trees are planted in an espalier method near the fence. The other edge of the lot is embraced with plane trees bosquets. Decorative lighting in the evening is a complement to the garden's beauty.